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Cool Story on Saturday

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I posted earlier about my hunt, and I forgot to mention the most exciting part. As I was leaving, a guy came walking down the dike with his dog. He was pass shooting a few swans when a very low flock came over him. Instead of flock shooting them, he picked one out and hit it 3 times. The one he hit flew out about 100 yards and dropped through some ice. He took off running towards me. I'm not sure if he knew I had my crappy little electric motor boat or not, but I told him to hop in so we could go chase it. With a few gallons of water that had leaked through the back, we eventually made it out close enough for him to take one more shot and take it out. I got talking to him and this was his first swan ever after putting in for 3 years. It's funny how we grown men act like kids when we finally bag a swan. He was pumped and I was excited for him as well. So congrats again if you happen to be lurking.
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I followed dkhntrdstn out in the boat yesterday in search of a ****** for his girlfriend to shoot. Well we found one and hopefully he will post up the video because it is full of excitement.
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Here's a sneak peak!
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I will try and write up a story and post up the video.
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Still waiting...:grin:
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