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Went up Saturday for a late season Cow hunt...the pictures tell the story. I was not the shooter, simply a good friend willing to spot, stalk and drag. Congrats to my great friend as this was his first Big Game animal after 5 years of paying his dues he got it done with a 30-06 shooting 150gr Superformance SST's

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That 2nd picture is really cool.

Congratulations and hey, Merry Christmas!

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Congrats to you and your friend - thanks for sharing!
Congrats. That looks like a real tasty young one
glad to hear he stuck with it and finally tasted success!
Way to go!

I'm happy to take some meat off his hands...:mrgreen:
That is awesome.. i have been hiking my fat butt off all over the Kamas unit and have yet to find any. I'm having a lot of fun though. Thanks for sharing.
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Congratulations to you both!

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