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I was wondering if I could get a crawdad report from the Soldier Creek area. A buddy of mine wants to go. I normally go when it is warmer. Are the crawdads still up near the shorelines or have they gone deep? I don't need any particular locations to hit, I have my favorites. Thanks for any help.
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We filled a 5 gallon bucket 1/2 full with these guys at the marina area at strawberry in 20 mins.

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Do they prefer warm water or cooler water? Every time I go to strawberry, I see masses of them everywhere. What is the best time of year? From what I read it sounds like they prefer lakes under 8,000 feet in elevation. I hear they taste good to, you just have to have like 20-30 per person since they are usually really small
Im pretty sure they are all over in the berry. We caught about 80 of them a couple weeks ago. boiled them in Bud & added some garlic salt. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Question About crawdading

For all you crawdad fisherman I have a question. How do you catch them? Do you use bait? a trap? just pick em out the water? I would like to catch a bunch and boil'em up. they look like a alot of fun and some good eating.
Thanks for any help or tips.
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