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Crazy Preppers....

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So has the last 13 months or so turn anyone into a Prepper? I already had one foot in the door under the guise of "Disaster prepardness" with about 4 weeks of food and water in case of a natural disaster.

Today my basement looks more like a freaking bunker, and my home office looks like a freaking TOC.

I have to laugh at myself. Never thought id see the day when I'd turn into a prepper.

Someone once mentioned making a prepper thread. I'm bored, so here's my attempt at starting one. Discuss, or laugh, either way, I get it.
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I like that distinction between a doomsday prepper and simply being wisely prepared for whatever situation comes. Like Vanilla, I'm not anywhere near where I need to be to feel comfortable with whatever may come, but I'm certainly better off now than I was a year ago. And, more importantly, I'm more aware when I see things I need to adjust one way or the other to get to that place.
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