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Does anyone know if they are enforcing the hours at cutler? I heard it was from 5 am till 7 pm. I went up there a couple weeks ago and didnt see any signs. Just wondering if anyone knows.
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Was out killing time the other day and the signs are there but I don't hunt there or talk to anyone that does (was just out seeing first hand what all the fuss has been about) so can't help ya with when the gates are actually locked/unlocked. I have spoken to a conservation officer and I know they are going to patrol the area quite hard this year but I forgot to ask about the hours. So to sum it up... I know nothing :roll: Next time I talk to the c.o. I'll ask or if I'm not tied up, I'll zip out around "lock down" and see what's up.
Sweet thanks.
I was at the Benson Marina Saturday and Sunday and it was no different then the last 30 years
Went out to Valley View tonight a little after 7. Gate was still open but I couldn't hang out til someone came by to close it. There was still a vehicle in the parking lot and I can't imagine them locking it with someone still there so maybe they went to lock another gate and were coming back. Maybe they were just running late. I don't really know. I'll keep working on it though because I have seen them closed at night. Also, I was glad to see 2 c.o.'s when I zipped by Saturday afternoon. I hope the rumor I heard holds true and they are out there alot this year.
I took a CO out with me im my boat last year. There were a whole bunch of ducks in muskrat traps, kinda had me concerned. My father in law (ex CO) told me to call the lieutenant (spelling) of the northern region. He sent out a fella. I dont remember his name. Nice guy. He went out and was pissed at all the traps with ducks in them. He took down the tag numbers from the traps and said he would take care of it. That was the only time I have ever seen a CO out there. I had some biologist from USU check the species of birds I shot once. And a Parks Ranger gave me a warning because my stern light was out. It would be nice to see some enforcement out there. Get rid of all them 20 minute after shooting hours still shooting guys.
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