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I forgot to post this one this morning!

As some of you may know, Mammoth/Huntington is said to have cutthroat swimming around in it. I've fished it pretty regularly for the past four years now, and haven't ever even seen one. The proclamation says that we're required to turn loose any cutthroat caught from the lake, but I assumed they'd only be up around the inlet stream.

On Mother's Day, my buddy had asked me to take him and his wife out fishing because she wanted to go fishing for Mother's day! (Lucky guy, isn't he?)

So, we headed up to Mammoth because I'd been there recently and knew it was fishing well, and figured I'd probably be able to get them into some fish.

First cast, my buddy's wife hooked up with a 20-inch tiger (took a size 12 micro leech) that got off right as I was about to net him. Then, she proceeded to catch this bad boy.

(She didn't want pics of her on a forum, hence why she's not the one holding the fish in the photos)

How cool is that?!? First cutthroat I've ever seen out of Mammoth and it's pushing 20 inches long! It was incredible to watch my buddy's wife land the thing, she played it exceptionally well.
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