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CWMU deer down

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Hunted the Park Valley Hereford CWMU this week. I applied for it because it is where my 82 yr old Grandpa grew up and hunted. As well as his Father and Grandfather. My Grandpa came with us and it was cool having him there, being able to get out in the hills after years of not being on a hunt. I was able to finally putting context to all the old hunting stories we heard growing up.

We hunted hard, thurs-sat. Those raft river mountains are pretty rugged. Probably glassed up over 200 deer. But all we saw were forkies and does. Nothing with any age. We figured we wouldn't be too selective on what we were shooting at. I had expected a little more age class though.

The buck I harvested was the biggest we saw by a good margin. It was a great time out with the family.


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Cool looking deer. Thanks for sharing.
Nice deer, definitely rugged country. All the 4 points are just over the cliffs behind you. I've been watching them evade the archery and muzzle hunters. If you get the chance to hunt that area again you need to find the firs, water, and be up over the rim. Most of that CWMU does not hold big deer until after the rut. But that's not a rule by any means. Last year they were rutting at about 9500'. If that was the West end of the CWMU I think I might know that deer. Most of the 3 points out there have G1-G2 splits, and the 4 points are week on their G3-G4s. But I watched a 2x3 that looks very similar to that deer several times this year, last saw him about a month ago. He stood out because of his G3-G4 bifurcation on his 3 point side. He is one of only two I've seen this year with that configuration.

The deer on the right below. This was taken about 2 months ago just out side of the CWMU bounds.

Typical 3x3 structure(below) for the last few years out there, if they are not 2x3s which seems to be more the norm....2 on the left, 3 on the right.

A four point that may have been taken during the end of the archery season.
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