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daniels res idaho

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with fall time getting closer and closer i was wondering if anyone has been up to daniels lately? any info would be great. i would love to go up there next week, still might be a little to early especially with the warmer weather this week.

off the subject of daniels res i would like to mention something about woodruff res. i was there about a month ago or so and had a blast. caught some decent size trout. there was no one out there when i went i went at sunset and had the whole place to myself. anyone been out there? i had to motor my toon way to the other side to get into the fish. what a place though to have all to urself. i just wondering if anyone goes out there and if they have any info on the fish out there.
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I like to ice fish both places, but I don't fish them on soft water.
They are both small reservoirs that can't take a lot of fishing pressure.

On a side note, people that fish Daniels, need to remember that it's artificial and barbless with a single hook.
We don't want anyone getting a ticket because they didn't know the regs up there.
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