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Deer Creek 10/21/2007

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It was good to finally meet you too fishglyph. .45 and I did ok out there on our toons. We ended up catching quite a few rainbows off of worms but nothing else was biting. The wind kicked up pretty hard at about 3 and we decided to bail. All and all it ended up being pretty nice there for a little while... beats sitting at home in front of the computer all day.

Congratulations on your catches, those little buggers seemed really mean!
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Good job! Stayed away from the dink smallies, did you? I'm glad you got some fishing done.
Yay FG! Way to get into the fish. Sounds like a good trip! And its a good thing you didnt put your eye out :shock: haha that reminds me of A Christmas Story... youll shoot your eye out! Except this case youll lure your eye out! :wink:
Yeah, it's definitely always good to go...even if the weather does get nasty... :lol: I need to hit up Deer Creek...you'd think that for how close it is to salt lake that I would have fished it by now... :lol:
So that's where .45 went.... Thanks for the report and if you can rig a sail on to your toon you could have trolled for them.
Its been a long, long time since I fished Deer Creek... is the water still horrendously low all around the lake??
From the looks of Jordanelle, I can only imagine that DC is pretty low still too.
JAT83 said:
From the looks of Jordanelle, I can only imagine that DC is pretty low still too.
I have noticed that DC has leveled off for a while now. It may still be draining some but not at the rate I have noticed the Nelle is dropping.
The Provo River inlet to Deer Creek is 'almost' to the island. In fact, between the island and the inlet, the water is only 2' to 3' deep. It gradually and slowly get's deeper as you go toward the lake. From the boat ramp, straight to the other side, the water depth hits 13' to 9' to 7' deep. I never could find the channel.
Radar showed plenty of fish along the highway and clear over to the other side of DC. Good fighting fish ( rainbows ) seemed to like pop-gear and a worm.... :) ...... No browns or 'eyes' on this trip..
That is a nice looking fish. Right On!
I've been wondering how Deer Creek has been.
Today was such a nice day I wish I would have been able to go.
It's been a couple of months since I've been fishing, (shame on me) and I'd really like to get out there, before Ice on.
Hey thanks for the welcome!
Ya it's been awhile, I was waiting for the fishing forums to come back, and didn't have internet for a spell. It was hard going through the with drawls, (Fishing in any form is my addiction after all) but things are back to normal, and I'm soooooooo relieved.
Deer Creek is my favorite place to fish, not far from home, and good variety.
Wish the hubby liked fishing as much as this addict.
I think I need to go to church now.

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