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Deer Elevation?

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I'm new to hunting this year and have been trying to research where to find deer during the hunting season. I was wondering if anyone thought that the cold fall was going to have deer at lower elevation than the usually would this time of year? What elevation does every one think is best? I'm thinking about going up Logan canyon how far up does everyone think is best? Right fork? Temple fork?, Tony's grove? or above or below any of those places?

Thanks in advance?
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It has been my opinion and experience that you find deer at the transition zones. Examples: Pines and quakes, quakes and oak brush. Service berry and jack pines. Yes elevation has its place but so does weather, food, water, protection or cover. Big bucks are now found in all elevations. Study books and websites to learn what are the staple food source of mule deer and then look for areas that have all those qualities or the most parts of the equations and then go investigate and prove you theories.

I would say their anywhere they want to be. Some on top, some in the middle, some on the bottom. The smaller they are they have a better chance of dropping. You can probably find deer at most elevations now it just depends on the kind of buck your looking for.
+1. The deer will stay where they feel comfortable ( some high, some low, some middle) untill the snow gets so deep that it is hard for them to get around and/or find food. Then they will move to their winter range. We have not had that much snow yet. But that could change any time.
So Marksman,
How did the hunt go? Where did you end up hunting at?
I ended up hunting temple fork, wood camp fork, and highcreek all in the cache valley area. I didn't see anything so wherever the deer were they weren't where I was.
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