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Duck boat lay out

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Ok guys I'm just about finished with my duck boat build it's a 1648 MV NO center seat with a factory floor. It has a front deck and a rear seat with kinda of a H profile.
Here is my question? I've been told leave the floor OPEN! But I'm thinking were in the heck do I put the first aid kit, The emergency tool box, Life jackets etc. ??????
I'm thinking a gun box the length of the floor from the rear seat to the front deck???
I would like to hear pro's & Con's or how you like your boats layout!
Appreciate the ideas!
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a tote for your tools and first aid.
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I like to keep my boat as lightweight as possible. I store my life vests, first aid kit, netting, edgers and navigation lights in a Rubbermaid tote. I leave it in the boat when traveling down the highway and use bungee cords to secure it. Gun boxes are nice, but not convenient for me. Maybe a gun box would work okay for you, nothing wrong with them. I just like to get everything out of my boat when I am hunting 3 guys from it. Plenty of room and no tripping over stuff.
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And they work great to set your ducks on.:)
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Now that's a nice limit Fowl great picture. What would we do without cell phones with cameras .
Fowlmouth - great picture! Two of the prettiest species in my opinion!
I had some extra pelican type dry boxes that are roughly the same size as the middle seat that I removed out of my 1436 boat. Tools, emergency gear, etc all go in that. They are strong enough to use as a seat and can be moved around the boat in order to balance the load. As for the life jackets.. they get crammed..er "stored" under the bow of the boat.
Thanks for all the input!
I'm hearing over and over again NO gun box use a tote, that's what will try;-)
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