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duck mounts

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I've never had one done and now i finally have the go ahead from the boss.
I have a question. I have 2 ducks in the freezer from last year, are they still good or do i need to toss them and get a couple more?
Those of you that do duck mounts please pm me with some prices.
I'd appreciate it
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That depends on how you've prepped and wrapped them. I'm sure John (longgun) can let you know if they're going to be ok. There are probably others on here too.
if they are from last year and you wraped them up and put the head under the wing. they should be fine. Pm tex and he can gave you some price na dhe does awsome job to.
If they are wraped up tight in plasic they should be fine. If you've got them in newspaper and or out in the open air they might be jerky by now. If you want, bring them by the shop partially thawed and I'll look at them for you and tell you where they stand. No charge.



Tex (Darin)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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