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AMERICAN FORK RIVER: (Dec 19) Some nice new fishing holes created at the newly-decommissioned power plant (brown trout seen in the newly-constructed clear pools of water). Light fishing pressure and fair success.

BURRASTON POND: (Dec 19) Slow to fair fishing success using traditional baits and lures.

DEER CREEK RESERVOIR: (Dec 19) No safe ice and open water still remains. Fishing success is considered fair. Remember that the bass limit is six, but immediately release all bass over 12 inches long. Walleye limit was increased this year to 10 but only one over 24 inches may be kept.

DIAMOND FORK RIVER: (Dec 19) Light fishing pressure and slow to fair success by using flies, worms or lures. The closed area above three forks will open up to angling on January 1st.

HOBBLE CREEK & CATCH BASIN: (Dec 19) Catch basin is 75% frozen but ice is unsafe. No anglers seen on the river but anglers should expect fair success by using worms or small nymphs. Snowy conditions so dress appropriately.

JORDANELLE RESERVOIR: (Dec 19) No safe ice. Some open water angling possible and slow to fair success reported. Bass limit is six, but immediately release all bass over 12 inches long.

MILL HOLLOW: Drained! No fishing until 2009!

PAYSON LAKE: (Dec 19) Gate to Payson Canyon (Nebo Loop) is now locked, therefore no access to the lakes.

PROVO RIVER: (Dec 19) Fishing is considered fair to good by using small nymphs. Read the fishing guidebook for the different regulations on the river—some areas allow bait and others do not. Please keep out of the smaller gravel areas of the river (spawning beds). Size restrictions and reduced limits (two brown trout under 15 inches) are in place in some stretches.

SALEM POND: (Dec 19) Slow success for trout, catfish and bass. The park closes at 10:00 p.m. each night. Remember that regulations include: limit is four fish (Daily bag and possession limit is a total of four fish in the aggregate for all species, for example: one trout, two channel catfish and one bluegill.

SALT LAKE WATER: (Dec 19) Most urban pond anglers report light pressure and fair fishing success. Please don't venture onto any ice on these ponds as they rarely solidify enough to be considered safe.

SPANISH OAKS RESERVOIR: (Dec 19) Gate closed and the City states that it's closed for the season.

SPRING LAKE: (Dec 19) Slow success for trout and catfish.

STRAWBERRY RESERVOIR: (Dec 19) About 70% of the reservoir is skimmed over with ice today, ranging from an inch to about four inches. Parking areas are being plowed. Though ice anglers have been seen—especially in Mud Creek Bay and Badger Bays (just west of the Strawberry marina), ice is mostly unsafe and depth of ice can change so please consider waiting for ice to thicken before making the trip. Vehicles cannot drive on the West side of the reservoir beyond the turnoff to the Strawberry Marina. Regulations for the reservoir include an aggregate limit of four trout or kokanee salmon. No more than two of which may be cutthroat trout under 15 inches and no more than one may be a cutthroat over 22 inches long. All cutthroat between 15 and 22 inches must be immediately released (any trout with cutthroat markings is considered a cutthroat). Don't feel compelled to harvest fish on every trip. Please do your part to ensure the future of this heavily utilized fishery by voluntarily releasing fish!

THISTLE CREEK: (Dec 19) Low pressure, with fair success.

TIBBLE FORK RESERVOIR: (Dec 19) Snowy around the reservoir and no safe ice. Ice on Tibble has many soft spots so this is never considered a safe place to ice fish.

UTAH LAKE: (Dec 19) No significant ice forming yet but some anglers are drilling holes while standing on the docks and fishing from the docks in the harbors (one to three inches of ice). Slow fishing for all species. Walleye limit is 10 but only one can be over 24 inches. There is no limit on white bass. Largemouth and smallmouth bass bass limit is six, but immediately release all largemouth and smallmouth bass over 12 inches long. For more information on conditions call Utah Lake State Park at (801) 375-0731.

VERNON, GRANSTVILLE & SETTLEMENT CANYON RESERVOIR: (Tooele Co.) (Dec 19) No report on ice conditions this week. If open water still exists, expect slow to fair fishing success at Vernon, Grantsville and Settlement Reservoirs.

YUBA RESERVOIR: (Dec 12) No safe ice and few anglers seen. Expect slow success for walleye, northern pike and trout. Perch must be immediately released but new regulations on perch take place January 1st which will allow anglers to keep 10 perch. For more info call the State Park at (435) 758-2611.
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