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GENERAL: This week was a big transitional week. Some waters, like Mantua were frozen and had people fishing on them within two days of ice cover. Please use extreme caution when venturing onto new ice. Never venture onto ice that forms along the side of a river—it may look safe on top, but underneath it is constantly being eroded by running water.

CAUSEY RESERVOIR: Safe ice was reported by Sportsman's Warehouse, but no reports of fishing success yet.

EAST CANYON RESERVOIR: No reports of ice yet.

ECHO RESERVOIR: No reports of ice yet.

HOLMES CREEK RESERVOIR: Anglers were on two inches of ice on December 15 and reported slow fishing. The two anglers felt unsecure and kept spread apart. It was a risk they should not have taken. Anything under four inches is never recommended.

HYRUM RESERVOIR: Ice is forming but not safe yet.

LOCOMOTIVE SPRINGS: The ponds get stocked regularly throughout the winter months—this is a great place to experience some peace and quiet and pick up some nice rainbows for dinner.

LOST CREEK RESERVOIR: The ice is reported to be forming, but no reports of access yet.

MANTUA RESERVOIR: People are fishing on four inches of good hard ice, but there are warm springs that can leave soft areas or open spots in the ice, so use caution. Fishing was fair to good for fat perch and nice rainbows.

PINEVIEW RESERVOIR: Ice is forming but there have not been reports of access yet.

PORCUPINE RESERVOIR: Safe ice was reported by anglers, but has not been verified by DWR.

ROCKPORT RESERVOIR: No safe ice was reported yet.

WILLARD BAY RESERVOIR: Ice is now covering the reservoir, but no reports of access yet. Anglers have wondered how ice cover will affect fish populations. The biggest concern is for the food base at Willard Bay—gizzard shad. Gizzard shad can be vulnerable to harsh environmental conditions, which may be exacerbated by the current low water levels. However, gizzard shad are prolific spawners and in general, are able to quickly re-establish themselves in the event of small-scale population reduction
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