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HUNTINGTON NORTH STATE PARK: State Park Manager Dan Richards reports two or three inches of layered ice, but suggests that anglers wait until the ice thickens.

HUNTINGTON RESERVOIR: (also known as Mammoth Reservoir) The ice is more than six inches thick and topped with slush and snow. Aquatics Manager Paul Birdsey says that December is always the best month to fish the reservoir. The ice isn't too thick and the catch rate is typically high. Earlier this month, Huntington resident Kevin Phillips hauled a six-pound tiger trout through the ice, although most tigers range from 12 to 18 inches. Good fishing continues. The best tackle is an ice fly tipped with bait, such as redside shiner, wax or mealworm or nightcrawler.

LAKE POWELL: Visit http://www.wayneswords.com for the fishing report, provided by Wayne Gustaveson, DWR project leader.

MILLSITE RESERVOIR: As of Monday, State Park Manager Dan Richards indicated that the reservoir was still open with ice forming around the edges.

SAN JUAN COUNTY: Sergeant J. Shirley reported very good fishing at Kens Lake and Blanding #4 Reservoir. Conservation Officer TJ Robertson recommends PowerBait or salmon eggs at Kens.

SCOFIELD RESERVOIR: Fishing success has ranged widely, but has typically been good. The ice is six to eight inches thick with a covering of slush and snow. State Park Manager Dan Richards will be hosting an ice fishing tournament on December 29 and urges interested anglers to call (435) 687-2491 for registration details. On Monday, Jim Beason reported slow fishing on the east side, but using an underwater viewer, saw a lot of trout. They just weren't biting. Conservation Officer Mike Milburn reported good fishing last weekend. He recommends a Stinger or silver Kastmaster as attractors, 10 to 12 inches of leader, and a small ice fly tipped with a piece of nightcrawler. Lieutenant Carl Gramlich fished this past week and described fishing success as fair to good. He recommends a chartreuse jig and worm.
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