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East Canyon Moose Hunt

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Hello all! I'm new to this forum but not new to the outdoors or hunting. After 23 years of applying I finally drew my Once-in-a-Lifetime Moose tag! I will be hunting the East Canyon unit, hunt #MB6002. My son and I have hunted deer and elk on this unit for years and have already been out actively scouting and placing trail cams. We've seen some nice bulls in the past so we are really looking forward to this hunt.
I thought I'd post to the forum and ask any of you if you had any thoughts or advice on this unit. Has anyone came across some nice bulls in their scouting or trail cams? I'm putting together a resource/contact guide I'd be happy to share with future permit holders. Any observations, tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Happy and safe hunting to all!
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I had the tag in 2018 and got a really good bull. I’d be happy to talk to you. Send me a PM with your number and I’ll give you a call!


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Congrats on the tag, Same unit Ive been applying for. My wife had the tag back in '08 not nearly the same quality anymore but there stilll some big ones in there. If you see a bull that you llike, dont hesitate and take him. Them things will not stop wandering once the rut starts. We had some bulls that we felt like we could come back to if we couldnt find anything bigger, BIG mistake on our part. Good luck and have fun.
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That sounds like some solid advice. I've heard they tend to roam once the rut begins. Thanks!
Congrats on drawing the tag! I spend a lot of time and saw some great bulls while out last year. My dad drew the tag several years ago and shot a fantastic bull. Feel free to PM me and I’d love to talk to you
Great tag to have a lot of nice bulls on that unit congrats
I really appreciate the helpful advice some have shared with me. It's so encouraging to know there are some great people who share my love for the outdoors and the pursuit! Thanks! Keep the great tips coming.
Congrats! We killed a 48" wide bull on the East Canyon moose hunt in 2018. Awesome area to hunt. Message me and we can chat about a few areas where we were getting into them pretty much every day.
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