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Elk Hat Trick?

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Elk "hat trick"

Anyone ever gotten one before? Three elk in a row in one year in one state?
Obtain up to three elk permits Utah Admin. Rule R657-5-33 In 2015, the Utah Wildlife Board approved a new statewide elk management plan for Utah. One part of that
plan allows hunters to obtain more elk permits than they have in past years. Starting in 2016, a hunter can obtain up to three elk permits in Utah each year.
•A maximum of one permit can be for a bull elk.
•A maximum of one antlerless elkpermit can be obtained through the antlerless hunt drawing.
•A maximum of two antlerless elk permits can be obtained over the counter.
Even though you cannot obtain antlerless elk permits until the summer of 2016, knowing about this change may affect which permits you apply for in the big game drawing.
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I have a friend that went 9 for 9 on elk in Colorado.

He ended up donating 8 1/2 of them.

He also said that he will never do it again.
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haven't hit my elk yet, but started hunting deer last year and I'm two for two in Utah!
Good grief that's a lot of work!! I can totally understand his reasoning after the fact.
One thing that you need to realize that in Colorado you can have a unlimited number of cow elk tags but all over 3 I believe have to be private land tags. This is where my friend cashed in on most of his cows. There were a couple that he was able to drive a truck to which made it easier for him.

I myself have been on hunts where if I would of had tags in my hands could of shot 4 or 5 cows without too much effort getting them out. But I have come to the conclusion that there isn't a cow elk out there worth packing much further than 100 yards to a area where you can get a wheeler or truck to. I have also been lucky enough to of found a spot that I can sit on for a few days and shoot a cow right off of a road, and if I screw up the shot there is another road less than 200 yards downhill from the spot that I watch.

In the last 6 years I am 6 for 6 from that spot not counting this year since I had a muzzle loader tag for a bull in Colorado, and yes I had to pack him further than 100 yards to get him out.
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