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Elk picture and question- any help?

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2 years back on my deerhunt (rifle) up mount nebo we found this elk in a ditch. IT was the biggest one I had ever seen and it looked to be taken by a gut shot during the bow season. Anyways, I marked it on the gps and called the ranger when I got down. About a week later they said the went up there and did not find it and wanted the coord again so I told them again. That was the last I heard about the elk. The following spring I was hiking in the old huntin spot with the girlfriend and came to the old elks final resting place, when I saw that it was still there! All that was left was the bones and it was almost all in the same spot. Well, I got down again and called the rangers again and they told me that they had found the elk from the year before and they were not worried about it. I gave them the gps one more time and they said they would go look again even though they already found the one the year before :roll: so when I came back for the rifle deer hunt the elk was gone and I figured that they must have found it. I passed through the town coming back home and stopped at the station curious what the big thing measured and scored. They told me that they never found either and when I showed them the pictures from my phone they told me that they had never gotten a report on it anyways. WEll, I am still curious on the score so maybe you guys can help. the girl standing in the picture is about 5'6" tall so maybe that will help. also the pictures were with my phone camera so they are not the best in the world. anyways, any help would be cool- you dont see too many of those in payson canyon so i would like to say that I have.
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