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Emergency Closure for shed hunting

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Just an FYI

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If they go this route, they should close the winter range WMAs to the public too. No more Timp WMA cross country skiing or dog walks.
Is there some reason they can't? Most the ones I'm familiar with farther north all have seasonal closures for everybody.
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I'm speaking more to Wildlife Management Areas rather than Waterfowl Management Areas. But it applies to both.

"Each WMA operates according to its own habitat management plan. Some WMAs and portions of WMAs are closed to the public, while others have limited access during certain times of the year. Unlike other public or state-owned lands, WMAs are not multi-use lands, and the types of recreation allowed are limited."

It seems there was quite a discussion during one of the WB meetings concerning bikes and motorized vehicles and I thought they said it was pretty simple. Post a sign with any restrictions. I might be completely off but that was my recollection. They certainly have had no problem closing them to overnite camping when they are having problems.
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It's really too bad that the DWR can only regulate wildlife regulations in situations like this. They have no authority to prevent other activities. Wouldn't it be nice if we could educate other users to understand the effects of human encounters this time of year?

Most snowmobile, xc skier, snowshoe trail heads can be accessed above the winter range. No reason to go through them if everybody understands the problem.

It's not that hard to give them room and not press them.
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I’m not necessarily complaining that they can’t close them. I know they don’t have the authority, which is why I’m also against the shed closure. Honestly they shouldn’t have the authority to close shed hunting even. Because shed hunting is mostly just hiking. And if someone goes hiking and happens upon a shed all of a sudden they are a criminal. I think the shed ban is just more government overreach and if they were to try close other activities I know there would be far more pushback if all of a sudden everybody in Utah wasn’t allowed to hike until may.
Except for the few who actively chase them hoping to make them shed. These are the few who make it difficult for others. The only reason there are regulations is that people can't regulate themselves.

If non shed hunters who recreate in wintering areas were educated I would bet they would have little problem moving their activities to other areas. But apparently shed hunters are being persecuted for having to wait a few months.
Is there something inherently wrong with leaving animals alone after the hunting season?
I have a hard time understanding why it is needed to harass animals during the worst part of the year to pick up a discarded bone.

Sorry it doesn't compute but if we can't educate the people who are involved in interference of wildlife across the broad spectrum of outdoor users them yes we will have problems.
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Education? It certainly seems some don't understand the problem.
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What education does this give? Harassing wildlife is already illegal.
It pretty much says that it is illegal be out picking up sheds.
If others continue to to create problems with the herds with other activities so be it. I certainly can't control it. But I don't have a problem calling out other users who don't understand the problem.
It is actually funny how many non hunters don't understand the stress animals are under.
I would hope as hunters that we are smarter. But sadly it appears not to be.
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PBH, I'm curious what nefarious reason you think they postponed shed hunting for?

As for the wording, I would think it would be a pretty simple change to make. But maybe it takes a committee to get it right.
So who do you ask? Have you talked to your biologist, representative or local napkin meeting leader?

Here's my thought. Just maybe the biologists monitoring the deer in Rich and Summit counties realized that they were struggling this year and needed to be helped with feeding. And now others are feeding in Cache county. And maybe the biologists doing the collaring studies have seen some trends that are concerning. This leads to having discussions and just like that somebody suggests delaying shed hunting might help. Why not? It just might help a little.

I don't shed hunt. I have in the past picked up found antlers while out hiking or hunting in the summer but I would say fewer than ten total. So no bother to me if they want to close it or change the dates.

If it weren't for past problems created by over zealous shed hunters it might even be a non issue.
Wait what's this? Another travesty of justice? Denying people of their god given rights? For shame!

If there is one thing I like to do more than big game hunting is coyote hunting but guess what I can also chose not to hunt them if there are deer around. I know... choices.

truehaun, what exactly has caused the burr under your saddle? Go hike in the winter range if you must. It's ok to put the blinders on and not search for antlers or dead heads. I'm sure as winter progresses there will be more than enough dead heads come the end of April.

I have no problem calling out other users this time of year. They have no problem calling me out during the hunting seasons.
The burr under my saddle is the definition of “gathering” including “locating” and “marking locations”.
Good on you. Good luck on your quest to re write the code. What district do you represent if you don't mind me asking?
I agree the wording could be better.

But the underlying point is pretty apparent. No reason to beat a dead horse. If at all possible people should try and leave big game alone during this time of year. But I don't think anybody out there is smart enough to write into code all circumstances.

Even with a tip of the hat to our forum lawyers.
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