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Ever listen to Podcasts??????

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Ever listen to hunting podcasts to make the time go by while you're driving or working?

Highlander Hunting Podcast is a new podcast available for free download on iTunes and Podbean.

With my good friend and hunting partner John McCann, we talk about backcountry hunting in Alberta. We are backpack-style hunters. Every season we hike into Crown land and grazing leases, and hunt all the Foothills and mountain wildlife management units for bighorn sheep, mule deer, whitetail, bear and elk. And if things go well this season… cougar! Because of how our system works, we get all these tags over-the-counter, so we get to chase all these animals every season, and learn from our mistakes. We also like to get our families involved when it makes sense, so we talk about that too.

There are over 20 episodes on iTunes now, and we do our best to post weekly. Search "Highlander Hunting" to find us on iTunes, and we're on Podbean at https://highlanderhunting.podbean.com/

So far we have covered topics such as what to have in your pack, rifles and calibers for the mountain hunter, tracking, wild meat preparation, scouting, optics, and marksmanship tips to name a few.

If this sounds interesting to you, please download some episodes! We'd be grateful if you'd leave us a review on either iTunes or Podbean. You can also email us with thoughts, feedback and suggestions for future topics.

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!
Mike McRae

Highlander Hunting Podcast

[email protected]
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