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Extended Deer near Park City

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I have some family coming in state for thanksgiving. They have rented a "cabin" (house) up in park city for that week and have invited my family to join them. They have shown some interest in possibly going with me and my brother on an extended archery morning hunt on black friday. Since it would only be a few hours, I don't want to drive back to the valley and then up the canyon to my normal spot, and then all the way back up to the cabin. so that begs the question:

Where would you recommend going on an extended hunt near park city? I'm fine taking a doe. So I just want deer. I have never hunted on the park city side of the wasatch, so any direction would be helpful.

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To be perfectly honest, there is no public land outside the PC city limits that you can hunt on that side of the county line. PC doesn't allow any hunting on it's public property.

The closest place you'll find that you can hunt is the top of Parleys summit and west along I80. Walk down the old road from the gate on top in Summit Park on the south side being careful of the private property at the top and down at the end of the road.

On the north side you have to go down to Lambs canyon and across below Beehive Wasatch Archery club. All the land up at the top of Parleys on the north side is private up to the towers. Not sure what the policy of the Shultz's is up there now that they are developing homes along in there.

Behind Mountain Dell golf course might be your best bet.

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