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Fast Quiver

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I'm a spot and stalk hunter. I used to use a hip quiver, but got tired of it hanging up on brush and limbs. So now I've got a quiver mounted on my bow that I selected for silence, but it's cost me a couple shots this year because it takes too long to get an arrow out of it. Anybody got a quiver suggestion for a quick draw shooter like me?
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I'm not AT ALL an advocate for walking around with an arrow nocked however, When one is spot and stalk hunting or still hunting I find it quite prudent to keep an arrow on the srting when the chance may come up for a shot. As you move through the woods on a stalk or still hunting you're going at such a slow rate of speed (if yer doin it right) that having an arrow nocked isn't going to be that dangerous. When the stalk is over and you're moving from spot A to spot B by all means put the arrow away and safty up.

The bow quiver when rigged right and ballanced proporly is the fastest way I know of to have an arrow at a short notice. If that's not fast enough for ya, shoot a recurve. :wink:
I don't understand the question. Are you saying that with your old hip quiver that you could get one knocked up and get a quicker shot off than a bow quiver? I don't think that is what you are saying, but I would add this. You didn't miss a shot because you couldn't get an arrow on your string, you missed the buck because you jumped it and it decided not to stay around for you to knock an arrow. I don't think that unless you have spotted and stalked, you can be moving and hunting at the same time.
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