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First post, good haul of ruffies

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I have lurked in these forums for years as I experimented with upland hunting. This season I’ve made it a goal to get my boots on the ground more often and learn some new things.
So far it’s been going good.Bagged 2 sharpies up in Idaho this weekend and had a good haul of Utah ruffies last weekend.
Thanks to all the kind people who post in here and share stories about one of the most fun activities in the world! I look forward to interacting with you all and learning lots!
And to contribute something, here are my buddy and my ruffies from last week.
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I now realize there is a section for introductions, whoops!
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Congrats on the grouse and welcome to the forum!! No worries about an introduction post location - your first post is a dandy one!!
Thanks for the welcome, you guys are cool
You're doing this all wrong. Your first post is supposed to be asking everyone where the birds are, then you never come back and post here again! Just playin. Congrats on the birds. It certainly looks like you are figuring things out.
Hahaha. I’m anticipating plenty of days of getting skunked in the future, then I’ll be begging for help :)
Did you have dogs with you? What a good haul!
No dogs, just two guys and 11 miles or so of walking. We saw and missed one solitary bird earlier in the day and about 4 hours later we took down these from a covey of about 12-15 birds. It was nuts, my friend and I each doubled right off the bat, and then rustled out 2 more at the end.
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Welcome aboard! nice birds.
Great job, and yes those are duskies. They have the grey band on the end of the tail feathers.
Thank you for this. I couldn’t tell the difference. These were the first duskies that I have ever harvested then. Crap! I would have saved a set of the tail feathers if I knew. I’m creating a display case of each species tail feathers as I accumulate it, so far it’s ruffed and sharptail. I need a blue.
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They look like blues to me. Either way, awesome job! See a lot? I'm hoping to get out this weekend with my dad when I come visit him for his birthday.
Hope the hunt went well and I was just wondering, how can you tell? Now that I think about it, they were quite large birds
Howdy! Nice birds.
Howdy back to you. Thanks!
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