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first timer

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This is my first year bow hunting any advice on where I should try the extended hunt my time
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Ask Tex I heard he has a couple thousand stands hanging around. :roll:
Yes, and don't you wish you knew where just one of them was. :twisted:
If I really wanted to, I could find your little gasoline powered Dodge at a trail head and track you in the snow. :twisted:
Yes, you could.

But remember this one thing. A smart buck always watches his backtrail. O*--
Hunt them high until the snow gets to deep. Then hang it up. Or join the rest of the circus driving through the subdivisions along the foothills. This is were you will see people chasing the deer back up to waist high snow and taking 100 yr shots.
I gave this part of the hunt up 2 yrs ago. Now I just go shoot ducks and geese with my old man.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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