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First trip in over two months - Barely avoided the skunk with 4 lbs. 14 oz. of ugly

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Finally made it over to Redmond Reservoir today. I got there just after 10am and fished until 2:30.
I was happy to get back on the water just to get some exercise and that was about all I got. I had a good fish on just after launching but never got to see it. I had a couple of other hits and then a lowly carp took pity on me and ate my fly.

The water temperature was 47-48 degrees and the visibility in the water was like it is every time I've fished there, only about1'. The water level has always been about the same when I've fished there in the past. The deepest place I've found is 7' deep and there is only a small portion that is that deep. Most of the water that I covered today was from 3' to 5' deep.
I used a bunch of flies on a number 2 sinking line. The best fly was a black bead head leech with some UV crystal flash in the tail on a size 8 hook.

There is a lot of waterfowl there along with some cranes and blue herons. There weren't any other anglers while I was there, I can see why.

It was just good to get out and paddle around on a beautiful day with no wind and enjoy the wildlife.

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I forgot to attach my track on my report.

Here it is if anyone is interested.

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