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Fish Lake Elk

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Does anyone know of a place called Booty Hole in the "Lake Fish" unit?
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Do you mean Boobe Hole? If so I took my first spike there. I think it is a CWMU
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They are right...it is Booby Hole. And that area is a CWMU.
Boote...Booby...what has the off season done to the people around here? Guess it's no different than me mentioning Molly or Mary's Nipple...who names this stuff?
^^^^ That's why I'm hoping to draw LE elk there this year..;-)...^^^^
Goob! Marty said BOOB.
What?? Dang auto correct :eek::thumbup::thumbup:

Or was it 8008??
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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