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Fish Smoker

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I'm in the market for a Fish smoker any suggestions? Or perhaps someone knows a place that smokes fish?
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For fish, I like a water smoker, unless you are making jerky.
You can buy one for under $100.00 and if you want to die and go to heaven, try some roasts in it.
I would suggest going propane over electric. Easier to regulate the heat in my opinion. I have the Smoke Vault and love it.
Propane is the way to go- I really enjoy my Camp Chef but if you go on line and it's only on line you can order a propane smoker from Walmart and they will deliver it to whatever store you chose for around $119.00 or something like that. That's a lot cheaper than the camp chef. Just did a roast and a turkey last week and had smoked turkey sammys today at work with melted swiss, horse radish and tomatoes on a toasted croissant.
I was at Cabelas a couple weeks back and they had 2 smokers displayed and they were smoking pork, salmon, and trout, it was sooo good, they kept bringing samples out and I sat there and gorged myself! I would love to get one someday!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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