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I guess I'll just post on both. :? Anyways, Went to the Web. below Echo to do a combo with Sparky. Got there about 1 pm. First off, there seems to be just enough water flow to keep things healthy. Don't know where it's coming from but a trickle seems to be enough. Pulled a sneak on some Mallards and jumped em and got 2 out of three. :D :D Went back to the truck and stashed my duckies and got my pole out and went back. Found a wonderfull hole. Right away hooked into something big. Fought it for a while and it finally broke off taking both flys. Dang. :( Went back to the truck and put on some 7# tippet and 6# trailers for my two flys. Went back and hooked into some more nice uns, rainbows and browns ranging from 16 - 18 1/2 in. Caught em all on a prince and a dark flash back nymph thingy. Kept 1 ranbow that was very unusual. It measured 17 1/2 in but the girth was as big as I've ever seen. I measured it at 13 1/2 in. :shock: What do ya think? I weghed it at 3 3/4 # witch is about as heavy a fish at 17 1/2 in. can get, right? :eek: Only caught 1 whitie. The Sparkinator had a ball retrieving duckies and chasing fish. :D :D :D
P.S. To add to the hunting part, got 2 spoonies and 2 teal out at the Great Salt lake day before yesterday. :D Things are gooooooood!
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Nice going Leaky. Looks like you and the Sparkinator had a great time gettin the ducks and the fish. Thats a nice fatty bow! Bet it was good eatin 8)
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