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Flaming Gorge Burbot

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I ended up with 16 burbot. Two of them were just over 30 inches. Fished for about 5 hours. The ice is about 18 inches at fire hole.


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Have you thawed out?

It is mighty cold around here.

Nice Catch
It's been dang cold! Sure miss that global warming stuff. I think the high today was 3.
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I would like to fish for burbot. Can you offer any tips, tackle and techniques?
Be there and have all your holes drilled well before dark. Start by fishing deeper(40ft) and as the night proceeds move in closer. You can use 6 poles so that makes it easier to try different depths. Fish as close to the bottom as you can with a jig tipped with sucker meat. Keep the meat fresh even though it can be burdensom with six poles. Find a steap gravely place, usually cliff structures have worked well for me. Good luck and let me know how you do.
I would like to fish for burbot. Can you offer any tips, tackle and techniques?
What I run is 6 poles. 5 dead sticks and a jigging pole with a flasher. You can run bells or jaw-jackers, both of which need to be able to notify you of a light bite.

I run 6 different colors of jigs, until I can narrow it done on what they would like to eat.

Glowing works sometimes and most other times it does not. The glow color seems to work the best at night this year.

I like 25' feet of water next to a rocky outcropping. If you find rocks 15-40 ft of water, then you will find at least burbot or two at night. Some spots are better than others, it is just trial and error.

If you bring a lantern for light, set your poles on the outer rim of the light. I like running glow sticks with a head lamp for additional light, but lanterns are quite nice to have.
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