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Footsoldier Death March

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Well, went out jumpshooting Monday. Its way early for most of my jumpshooting spots but I figured I'd go anyway and then do something else if that didn't work out. As it turned out, I walked probably three miles through purple waist high sage and spongy marshgrass and got my first GW Teal and Pintail that I've ever jumpshot. I'd never even seen these birds in the area before so that was really cool to me. I thought about going home because three ducks is plenty for me to eat but thought well, I could use a couple more teal. So... off to the Salt Lake I went. I did kind of an ingenious thing, if I do say so myself. I bought bungee cords, took apart my lightweight backpacking frame, bungee'd my deke bag to the frame and VOILA!! I had a new and improved decoy bag that I could pack for miles.... and I did. :shock: I started walking out in this one area and met up with a nice guy who politely informed me that I was walking through a "no hunting" area.... Ooops. :oops: He suggested I walk back to my truck and drive down the road and I asked him instead, since I was halfway to the lake, if I could just walk out to the shoreline and then down a ways to get off the private ground. He said he didn't have a problem with that... Thank God, or I'd have just gone home. So, I get out to the lake, walking the whole way through either shifting footing, soft sand or just slimy clay. Let me tell ya... you want to improve your balance?? I've got just the ticket for you. :lol: A topheavy pack and sliding mud... great times.... I found out today that it works out your hips and knees too.... Anyway, got out to the lake and holy hell..... it was amazing. I do remember why I hate shooting from a sitting position though. I shot eight times, hit two birds, dropped none and finally had had enough. I was short on time too so thankfully, I didn't throw my whole setup out. However, I did have the same walk back to my truck, only I took a more direct route. In all, I figure I walked probably 5 miles or so, with two of that being loaded up with a 100 lb decoy bag.... my shoulders aren't all torn up today so that was a nice bonus as opposed to just packing the bag with canvas straps. Now that I know where to go though, it'd be a trip I'd do again to the Salt.... it was a fun, kick your butt kinda day and I was groovin on it. Lots of smilin Mallards and teal out on the lake and I'm pretty sure I saw a few divers go whizzing by. Lots of gulls too though... had to make sure I had a decent shot before I cut loose because I didn't want to get in trouble for smoking a gull in the background or something. :lol: No pics.... but the Pintail and Teal I killed jumpshooting were either really immature or hadn't even begun to get fall plumage. The Pinner looked like a hen except for the really long neck and the sprig..... kinda weird. The teal was a little more changed with the dots on the breast but the only red on his head was a strip of light maroon right under his chin. Crazy..... but a good day I thought I'd share.
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Man, am I glad I didn't go with you. :shock: They would have had to send the chopper for me. You left a very, very important piece of info. out. What about buddy??? Did he go? How did he do?
Leaky and Sparky
Yeah, Buddy went with me. He actually did good until we got into thick sage stuff.. then he started lagging behind. Its ok though... he did fetch up the teal and Pintail so that was nice. he got kinda jumpy out on the Salt Lake though... but seemed be ok with the saltwater. I did pack fresh water out there so he'd have something to drink though.... The hardest part was the Salt Lake shoreline though Leaky.... thats rough on a guys ankles, knees, and if you're carrying a heavy load, your hips. My legs are PO'd at me today. :lol:
 I bought bungee cords, took apart my lightweight backpacking frame, bungee'd my deke bag to the frame and VOILA!!
Cool, I've been doing that for years and it's the only way to go. I now use a combination of zip ties and also lash the heck out of the bag on the frame for heavier loads so nothing breaks.
Most of these stinking bags have the straps too high on the bag so it drags on my legs and rips into my shoulders.... this way was a pretty sweet setup and the aluminum frame is super light. It was easy on the shoulders and the nice thing, I didn't have salty, sandy decoy bag material wearing on the back of my legs.... I hate that.
I have been on several of the same type of marches before. Although I am lucky enough to be able to hunt on some private land, I still choose to hike way out and carry plenty of stuff too. I have tried several different decoy bags with each one costing a bit more than the one before and each one being an improvement. However I now have the best "bag" yet. It is actually a back pack type with padded back and padded shoulder straps with a wide belt and chest straps too. I bought it when Cabelas first opened but it is actually made by a Utah company out of Sandy. It is an "elite" decoy bag made by Splash or Tarantula or something like that. I have seen their stuff at the outdoor expo also. The only problem I have now is that I tend to overload the thing because I can put a bunch of stuff in it and it gets heavy. Everything rides high, the weight in distributed well and nothing bounces around and smacks you in the a** and the legs.
Anyway, it is the best one by far that I have seen but it is not cheap. You might want to look into one. They are nice.
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Yeah, my buddy Tumblingwings has one of those for his fullbody geese dekes I think... he mentioned something about the show and the company being out of Utah. Thats pretty cool man. I saw one like that called the "Ultimate decoy bag" or something on the cabelas site and the reason I liked it was it looked like it had the padded back like some of the Badlands packs I've used before. The waist belt and nice padded shoulder straps were attractive to me, as was the gun sleeve on the side of the bag. I think it was like sixty dollars but for comfort, I'd be all about paying that much. Thanks for the heads up.... I think Splash sounds right for the company name but I'm not sure either. Maybe we'll have to head out on one of those marches together to see what we can come up with. 8)
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