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how many forums have you guys joined since the DWR one shut down...I've joined 4 different ones!!!......
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I have joined 3 including this one= Bullocks', Refuge forums, and this one.
I don't care too much for the Refuge one as it covers the whole country. I rather read about Utah and the surrounding area.
dubob said:
BFT, Refuge, and this one. Mojo, the Refuge has a Utah specific forum. That's the only place I look at there.
That's good info to know but I don't think I will have to look there much now. :lol: :wink:
Riverrat77 said:
Loke said:
Bullocks just deleted the links in my signature over there. I guess I'm not welcome there any longer.
It seems it has something to do with him not wanting other "site" ads or links on his site. There have been rumblings about some sort of compensation for each hit on his site and things like that.... it takes away from that if other people prefer to go elsewhere and so probably for the same reason BFT doesn't allow it, he deletes exposure to other places. I don't know for sure but EHF got banned for it and I guess if you push the "sites in your sig" then he prevents you from being on the Bullock site. Its kinda crappy but hey, you're here right?? I don't go on BFT or the Fuge much anymore for reasons like that so I may not be fit to be a moderator over there... although with only four topics on the archery forum I'm supposed to be moderating, the task certainly isn't out of control. I have a feeling that too much stuff like that is going to drive folks over here for freedoms sake if nothing else.
You would be correct on the banning of EHF; I PM'd him to ask about it, I would strongly advise that however you can the word is put out on that issue to as many as you can; because if its about money then it's no different than how the DNR ran theirs. I'm slowly going to fade out of there as soon as I can get some of the old crew to jump over here.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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