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Tail with the white tip no less.

so a red fox?
got a couple more in the last couple weeks.

this is certainly a fox:

But this one (click the link below and watch the video), I'm not exactly sure. I get my own dog, plus the neighbors dogs on the cameras all the time. This is not one of those dogs. This is also not the fox -- it's larger than the fox. It's tail is down. I know it's grainy -- best I have. I think it's a coyote. Thoughts?

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pollo -- click the link and watch that video -- tell me what you think it is.
If your saying that both are the same animal I'd have to go with fox based on my experience.
I think they are two different animals.

I think the still is a fox. I think the video is a coyote.

I'd love to set some snares around here -- but with my dog, and all the neighbor dogs, I don't dare. Oh well. The cameras are fun too. I'll just have to settle for trapping skunks and raccoons, and taking pictures of everything else.
thanks Dallan.
1 - 6 of 21 Posts
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