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General season taker or no?

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I'm not much into deer but this seemed like a pretty good buck to me...
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that a great buck. I would let the air out of him
He's carrying a nice symmetrical set of antlers that would look great on my wall...

There would be little or no hesitation on my part
People will shoot anything with antlers during the general season, so I would say that he is a keeper
Great Buck, Thanks for sharing Berry! Ill be up your way at the end of the month to stay at a cabin that my family rented... Too bad I wont be around the family much with all the deer elk and fishing that is to be had!
That looks a lot like the same buck I've seen a few times and the terrain looks the same too... I hope it's not the same one. But what are the chances haha
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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