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Getting into a morning ambush spot undetected.

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In the place that I hunt I have a location where I can pretty much always count on seeing the nicer bucks. Every time I go up to glass during the summer and into the bow hunt the bucks will be on a certain hillside browsing around like clockwork. The only problem is the place that they hang out is extremely thick. It is pretty much impossible to sneak within good bow shooting range without getting busted. I have come up with a plan for next year to try to put myself in the middle of this feeding area and be there waiting for the bucks to come to me at first light.

One thing that I'm not sure of though is if I can get in there before first light without busting them out. Will deer usually tend to be up and feeding before daylight even comes? How long before daylight might I have to think about getting into my spot? Usually when we glass the hill we just kinda start seeing them once it is light enough to see.
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I would say you need to try and pattern them a little better. Find out if and where there is water. Usually they will feed to and from water with a final feeding area near where they plan on bedding. Set up some trail cameras in the area you want to sit or the route you want to take to get there and establish their habits a little better. If the plan is for next year, you have plenty of time to pattern them.
Go up the day before and cold camp it for the night. At times it can be miserable but if the bucks that are there are worth it you may be rewarded.

We used to do this quite often when after elk, one year we woke up and were in the middle of the herd.
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