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Getting out of the pts banking game.

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Im a NR new to hunting Utah. Started collecting points for a fishlake archery hunt that I thought would take 8 yrs 馃槅. Well I'm old now and really not that enthused about carrying an elk off the mtn but its time for me to cash out.
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i had some big elaborate scheme figured out, but then I realized it wouldn't work. How many points do you have and how many more hunting years might you guess you have left in the tank.
Put in Manti archery and just go road hunt, if you see a bull you can get to then go getter done, if not then enjoy a week on the mountain.
This reads confusing. Anyways, if you are an NR you are fighting others for those tags so I am not mad at ya.
When I started applying you could only apply for 1 species ( antelope, Deer, or Elk ). I picked Elk because there is more meat.
You have a good chance at drawing some great tags. I think with your points you could draw late wasatch as a nonresident. Put a little effort in that hunt and a 300"+ bull is very doable. You might be 2 years from Manti late or fish lake. Both good hunts.

You could probably be close to drawing a mid manti this year--that would be an awesome hunt. Talk to any spike hunter on the Manti that puts in the effort for a week and I bet they see a killable 300"+ bull. That person could be you.

Elk hunting can be tough but honestly with 17pts you have some great hunts you can draw this year. You should cash out and hunt.

Self pity and doubt keep a lot of animals alive each year--your attitude will determine your success more than anything, just saying
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On Utah being know for 400" bulls, it still is. But you are going to have to work for them and the bigger bulls that Utah is famous for came off of special hunts.

A few years ago I was on a muzzle loader deer hunt on the Monroe, and I saw at least one bull that would push 400" or above, and that was in a week of hunting. I have also seen a few on the Book Cliffs, but where they live isn't for the faint of heart.

Utah like most states is good for 350" bulls in most of the units and if you place a 350" bull next to a 400" bull most hunters would have no idea of which one to shoot.

I would go through the statistics pages and find a unit that I could draw with your points and weapon of choice then narrow the unit down to where you would like to hunt.

I got out of the Arizona deer point chase a few years ago and shot a book coues deer, the funny part about that one was that I drew the unit the year before and then drew it the second year in a row with only a locality point. I also got out of Colorado point game by picking a unit that I could draw with my points for both deer and elk. Now strange as it may seam I have started collecting points again at the young age of 70.
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Thanks for the encouragement guys!
The anticipation of these drawing result gets me so anxious though. If I draw it will be in the random draw though. Don't think I'm going to pull a bonus tag this year but fingers crossed.
Sw desert elk 馃馃徏
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I hear ya on points creep. I have 21 NR LE points and I'm considering putting in for a "sure thing" tag this year. I stopped points banking in CO years ago but I'm so invested, in more ways than one, in UT LE that I need to draw before I get too much older. My back hurts 24/7 but it never feels better than after a week of elk hunting. First few days are he'll, though. Good luck in the draw.
Thanks NH,
Now that I look at the numbers with the increased tag allocations for Archery this should be a for sure draw for me.
You could draw Wasatch archery easy with your 17 points THIS YEAR. You are also in the bonus for Manti archery THIS YEAR. Not sure if you鈥檙e still wanting an archery bull hunt, but those are both good units with lots of elk. The archery seasons are tough, so if you only have a week, hunt the last week so you can catch some ore-rut action. Absolutely doable THIS YEAR!

I get not wanting to pack an elk off the mtn. Done that many times and my enthusiasm for that is not what it once was. Have you considered hiring a packer? Spending $300-500 probably gets most elk out of the woods on a horse鈥檚 back instead of yours. I would definitely look into it. If you chose Manti, I know of one guy that does this. If you go that route, PM me and I can give you his info.

Elk/deer are interchangeable any more points wise. It takes forever to draw either鈥specially as a NR. Don鈥檛 beat yourself up over that. You have 17 points - burn them this year and kill your elk! As a side note, antler potential should be awesome with all the moisture. The elk are wintering fine - especially in Central and Southern Utah.
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Utah like most states is good for 350" bulls in most of the units and if you place a 350" bull next to a 400" bull most hunters would have no idea of which one to shoot.
Critter for the win. They all look huge after 350
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If not this year then next year.
If you are guaranteed a CO tag then hunt Utah next year. Specifically if you are doing archery. There is no doubt in my mind you could have a great hunt in either unit if you can spend the time. But I would be completely flustered trying to hunt overlapping hunts in different states.
What unit are you looking at in Colorado?
Whatever tag I can draw with my pts.
Me too. I agree about trying to squeeze these hunts together. Its just too much.
Still confused. Are you new to utah or do you have bonus points?
Hi RandomElk16,
I've been points banking for alot of years.
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