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Go-Devil of Utah?

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I know the guy that was doing it retired.

Did someone pick up his business?

Or is he trying to still find someone?
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I have heard nothing about someone taking it over, but Val has stoped all but warranty work for now. I recieved a letter to that effect and he was selling his stock of parts and left over motors.
How do I get ahold of Val?
Sorry, I can't seem to find his number right now, you might get it from GO-Devil. I have been meaning to call and see how he was doing; maybe I'll stop by his place as I don't live far from it.
Val retired from his day job last year and would like to sell his business so he and I can get to do MORE hunting. He has had a couple of inquireis about buying the business but nothing serious to this point. You can reach him at (801) 731-5605.
hey dubob be not sure mr richens wants any further calls remember he is getting out of go-devil, i would refer any questions to go-devil directly, he is quite over welmed trying to inventory his remaining stock so he can sell, what a sad loss...............
I talked with Val this AM and he is okay with posting his phone number on this web site. If you have a SERIOUS interest in taking over his business, give him a call.
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