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My 11 year old daughter wrote this poem yesterday for a school assignment... I think you'll love it as much as I do.

"Going Hunting"

Early morning wake up let’s go.
Turkeys won’t wait, trust me, I know.

Hike up to just the right spot.
Hopefully we’ll get one, but maybe not.

The sun starts to rise what a beautiful sight.
Hunting in the morning just feels right.

Listen close and hear them speak.
The thing with turkey hunting is you have to sneak.

Hear them, hear them they’re starting to talk.
Big birds fly down, they strut as they walk.

Carefully, quietly get ready to shoot
Look at that one, he’s really cute.

Look, there’s no time to gawk
Even though in that tree there’s a big hawk.

Look at the turkey and pay attention
here comes the bird we’re all held in suspension.

He puffs his feathers, strutting along
listen to their turkey song.

Boom! That’s all we hear
we whoop with joy, time to disappear.

What a successful day, let’s go party
Today the turkeys weren’t being smarties.

Time for the hike back
come on, come on
no time for slack

Can’t wait to tell everyone that we succeeded
today, one turkey was all we needed.
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