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I was fortunate enough to hunt archery for a week and was able to come across a lot of opportunities. Even though I had a few trail cameras in the area, I didn't get much deer activity.

DAY 1: Heading down blind my father and i thought we would get off the road and try to find some areas to glass. After a day long hike and finding nothing but a two point at 600 yards we were exhausted. I took a 4 wheeler ride with my wife later that night. Came across a decent 4 point still hanging with some does. I was able to stalk within 30 yards of this buck. As i drew my bow my d loop slipped through my release. It shot my arrow maybe 20 yards away. When I drew again to shoot my d loop completely broke and spooked the deer off. I should have realized my d loop beginning to fray

DAY 2: spotted a bachelor group feeding on a hillside. Dad and I separated to try and get a shot off. lost sight of the larger 5x4 on the hillside. Spooked 2 other bucks over the hillside. Not realizing the larger buck was still feeding we decided to head down the hill. Our spotter said we were within shooting range of the buck just didnt realize he was still there. the buck eventually fed over the top of the hill

DAY 3: woke up early to get to another area we wanted to try. Spooked another decent 4 point near the property which ran off near a smaller cliffside. Got out of the vehicle to try and find the buck. Sat on the cliffside for 10 minutes with no sight of the deer. The buck stood up right below me on the cliffside. I was flustered trying to get an arrow nocked. I was able to draw and take a shot at 42 yards downhill. i didnt compensate for the drop and shot over his back. a rookie mistake

DAY 4 : kicked up a few 4 points on our porperty but ran off into some really thick stuff not able to find them. as we were looking for them a neighbor drove by and found out later that the two bucks were just standing in the road further up. lol while my father are trying to find them in the deepest nastiest hole they were just eating grass off the road.

Day 5 : decided to head down an area we have never been, came across another beautiful 4 point. took a 50 yard shot and ended up hitting a dead branch. The only 2 inch wide branch that was in the way and i hit it. my luck

DAY 6: neighbor shot a beautiful 27inch 4 point and told us there were 2 other bucks with him. decided to head to the area and glass the hillside. Some kids came up in a truck and started freaking out that we were glassing in there area. They began beating on their truck and yelling. We hear them say screw it we are hunting here anyway. acting like a bunch of kids for an hour so we decided to leave the area. started to head back to camp and as we came around the first turn in the road. There stood one of the bigger deer i have seen on this unit just standing in the road. My dad and i jump out the road after the buck ran off down the hill. I followed him down the hill and come across a 75 yard shot before he headed into a heavily wooded area and sure enough i miss. I shot under him. I am kicking myself in the butt.

Day 7: nothing except elk

Overall it was a fun trip getting all those opportunities but i need to practice a lot more in different circumstances and not rush a shot so much. I just thought i would share my hunting experience and hopefully it makes you laugh at my pain
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