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goose area

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where is an awesome area for geese? and whats the best way to hunt that area
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I think Texas has some awesome goose hunting. :lol:

I would suggest getting a guide.

Good Luck. :D
well maybe if i ever get down there but i was hoping there was somewhere closer
As Mallardpin said get a guide. I have spent thousands of hours and dollars, and vacation time, to find spots to hunt, and learn how to hunt those spots. I have seen been to some areas and wondered why everyone showed up this weekend, and I looked on some of these forums, and sure enough someone has posted about the area. 10Tenner
I was told about a couple areas... no, I won't say where. This is as ridiculous as asking somebody to name GPS coordinates for a meadow they shot a trophy big game animal in... its just not something folks are going to give right up because more than likely, they spent a lot of time finding that "good" area. I think you'll have a hard time convincing anyone to give up a good goose spot here in Utah... especially on an open forum like this... I do agree that most of your consistently good areas will probably be out of state but there are a few gems left here and there. :wink:
Mick Riley Golf Course I have seen hundreds of geese there a few of them sporting bling to. :D :D :D
Dckhunter13 said:
Mick Riley Golf Course I have seen hundreds of geese there a few of them sporting bling to. :D :D :D
That's no chit either!

The last time I played that course with my wife it took us two hours to clean all the goose crap off our golf carts, bags, and shoes. :x My wife hit a snake raper of the 5th tee on the par three course and just about took one out. :p I think I also counted 10 or 12 bands that night. :shock:
You could also set up at Lagoon, they tend to feed the geese there so in away it would be like shooting a fenced animal.

I have heard that the fields south of Utah lake are good to hunt geese on, but it is pretty hard to get permission. Good luck at finding somewhere.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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