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Grizzly or Rubicon?

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I know this is kind of a Ford vs Chevy discussion but I’d like to get your thoughts on advantages or disadvantages of these machines.

I ride dirt bikes and am just getting to the point where my family would be better served by wheelers instead of bikes.

I have friends with Yamahas and Hondas and I like both machines. But I’m not sure which machines would better serve me.

I like the lower center of gravity that the Honda provides, but the smaller engine and governor that tops out at about 45mph makes desert trips a little dull.

I like the bigger engine option of the Yamaha and higher top speeds, but they sit a bit higher and feel a bit tippy.

Any likes or dislikes on your machines?

Side note: I’m pretty set on Yamaha or Honda. Not a fan of Polaris. Kawasaki is a possibility but I’d prefer a Y or H
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Grizzly or Rubicon? While both are good machines, I would say neither. KingQuad 750 would be a much better choice.


I've owned 4 Suzys in the past and I couldn't break anything on them. As with Timex, they "take a lickin' & keep on tickin".


And if you seriously are considering putting tracks on them, talk to the company that builds the tracks BEFORE you buy any quad. Not all quads are compatible with tracks. 👍
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