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Grizzly or Rubicon?

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I know this is kind of a Ford vs Chevy discussion but I’d like to get your thoughts on advantages or disadvantages of these machines.

I ride dirt bikes and am just getting to the point where my family would be better served by wheelers instead of bikes.

I have friends with Yamahas and Hondas and I like both machines. But I’m not sure which machines would better serve me.

I like the lower center of gravity that the Honda provides, but the smaller engine and governor that tops out at about 45mph makes desert trips a little dull.

I like the bigger engine option of the Yamaha and higher top speeds, but they sit a bit higher and feel a bit tippy.

Any likes or dislikes on your machines?

Side note: I’m pretty set on Yamaha or Honda. Not a fan of Polaris. Kawasaki is a possibility but I’d prefer a Y or H
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good input. I definitely appreciate the bullet proof-ness of the Honda
Great insights everyone.

I really appreciate it.

My buddy rides Hondas and I agree they are bulletproof.

My motorcycles have all been Yamahas so it’s kind of a funny dichotomy as they’ve been great too.

I failed to ask if anyone has insight on newer Honda’s suspension? I did notice riding a couple Grizzlys that their suspension was plush
Another thing, how tall are you? And how do you like to ride, standing up or sitting down?
I’m 6’3” and 250lbs.

I tend to ride wheelers sitting but like to stand when possible (air out the nethers).

Agreed on a winch. It’s definitely a priority.

I don’t recall if the Yamahas come with a recoil starter but I know it’d be an extra on the Honda but money well spent in case the battery dies.

I can’t wait to get my wife riding in areas like this with me again.

I’ll still keep my bike but having a couple wheelers will be nice for the family.

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Dallan, that’s awesome that first pull it fired!
Good question on tracks- I don’t intend on putting them on.

mostly going to be a 3 season rider
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