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Grizzly or Rubicon?

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I know this is kind of a Ford vs Chevy discussion but I’d like to get your thoughts on advantages or disadvantages of these machines.

I ride dirt bikes and am just getting to the point where my family would be better served by wheelers instead of bikes.

I have friends with Yamahas and Hondas and I like both machines. But I’m not sure which machines would better serve me.

I like the lower center of gravity that the Honda provides, but the smaller engine and governor that tops out at about 45mph makes desert trips a little dull.

I like the bigger engine option of the Yamaha and higher top speeds, but they sit a bit higher and feel a bit tippy.

Any likes or dislikes on your machines?

Side note: I’m pretty set on Yamaha or Honda. Not a fan of Polaris. Kawasaki is a possibility but I’d prefer a Y or H
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I have a 2016 Yamaha Kodiak 700 that has taken me anywhere with zero problems. It is considered the work machine where the Grizzly is the sportier one.

I am also on the Yamahaowners.com forum and haven't seen any real problem come up with them. There was a problem with the top end when they had Subaru building their 700 engine but they are now producing their own 686cc/700 engine that I haven't heard any bad about. Then there is their 450cc engine, I'm not sure if the Grizzly comes with that option but the Kodiak does.
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Another thing, how tall are you? And how do you like to ride, standing up or sitting down?

I'm 6'4" and with my Kodiak I had to bend over to ride standing up. I put a set of Grizzly bars onto it and that raised the bars 1 1/2" Also the seat on the Grizzly sits taller than it does on the Kodiak but I am fine when I am riding sitting down with the lower seat.

I'm not sure on the Honda but do they have a locking front diff and are they full time 4x4 or can you switch between 2x4 and 4x4? I ride my Kodiak 99% of the time in 2x4 unless I am plowing, and as for the front diff lock you very seldom use it but when you need it you need it. I have gotten between a couple of hard spots where if didn't have it I would have to drag out the winch. But with it you just push a button and away you go.

You really need to find a dealer that has what you are looking for and sit on them and even better if they have a riding area where you can check them out.
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The problem with pull starts is that as the engines get bigger and the compression increases you are going to have to be built like the Hulk to pull that rope to start it.

My 2000 Yamaha Kodiak 400 had a pull start on it, and while it could be started with it I would of hate of of had to depend on it with a cold engine. My 2016 Kodiak 700 doesn't have one and I could care less, but then I do a lot of my riding with others and if the battery does die I figure that I have other problems. It is about like wanting a auxiliary start system on your truck with a V8.

And as has been mentioned on here there are good ones and bad ones. In my book both the Honda and Yamaha will go forever as long as you do the maintenance, I have a friend who has Artic Cats and he has had zero problems with them. But in my book the Polaris is a piece of junk that should stay on the showroom floor.
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