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Grouse hunt

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How did everyones grouse opener go??
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i kicked up three blues and took a shot at one with my bow why i was looking for my deer. on the way out i kicked a ruff up and i didnt go chase him. im hoping i can run back up there with my dog and find them and get them with my shot gun.
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How'd the deer hunt go?
it didnt go to bad. we cover a bunch of ground and went and checked a new area out that i ahve not been to befor and we walked some tress and didnt see to many deer. we only seen about 6 deer by noon. that not good for us. But around 7 a clock i got a shot at this nice buck and just niked him and we went looking for a couple hours could not find him but we did find a couple blood drops from him. here is a pic of the buck with me stocking him.it was a big two point.

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it was not easy walking up on him. you can see i was trying to watch where i was steping.
im going to be heading out this saterday to get the dogs out and get in teh mounts one more time befor im out in the mud.
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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