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Grouse hunt

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How did everyones grouse opener go??
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I went out yesterday to flag a trail into the area I'll be muzzleloader hunting in. I took my shoot gun and jumped a couple birds.
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im going to be heading out this saterday to get the dogs out and get in teh mounts one more time befor im out in the mud.
Scott and I will be up Friday somewhere..... TW, I'll call you probably from work tonight. Wendy will be with us this week so hopefully we get some good hunt pictures that I can post up here. :D
All you guys have some great pics to share!!!

My grouse opener was a bust, but sure was nice to get out and see some beautiful scenery. We went to a place that produced a lot of blues and Ruffies last year, but we didn't see a single bird this time out. Usually see a bunch of deer and elk in the area too, but nothing. There was a billion sheep still hanging around, and one grumpy sheep herder. Would the presence of sheep cause the birds to move? I know it does for the deer and elk, but wasn't sure about birds.

Hopefully I will have some pictures to show off soon. I haven't been able to make it back out yet because of work. O|*
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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