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Wow. Where to begin.

First year hunting archery. So far it's been great. Passed on a lot of little guys, and have chased some big ones. I have learned more during this than maybe any season before. You use your senses different, glass different, hunt at weird hours (bucks bedding by 9 some days!)... it has been a blast though. Also, I have done it all solo. Done so on a few days afield here and there, but this whole thing has been all me. Seems like timing has just been a tiny bit off for me.

As I finished my last day yesterday, I was satisfied. No where in the world I wanted to be. So quiet and calm in a fast world.

Now, enter my first opportunity to hunt fat rutting bucks (maybe even a doe near the end :) ). I am not looking for handouts, and this isn't my first post here. I just am looking for any tips, access points, or another solo hunter who would like to have someone on the mountain. I hike/work my *** off and plan on doing so for an opportunity. I would make a great pack mule also. Let me know if you can help with any of the above. Thanks and go luck to others!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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