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Young Hunter Wins Guided Hunt, Bags Turkey
Cedar City -- On April 18, the Division of Wildlife Resources, the National Wild Turkey Federation and Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (SFW) offered a free turkey hunting clinic for young people in southwestern Utah.

At the clinic, SFW also offered a free guided turkey hunt. Skyler Armstrong was the lucky young person who won the hunt in a raffle drawing.

On May 1, SFW member Donnie Hunter accompanied Skyler, his younger brother Dylan and his father Brandon to an isolated spot on Cedar Mountain. Their goal? Help Skyler bag his first turkey.

The four hunters hiked into the area before daylight. The weather was superb—not too cold, clear skies and only a slight breeze blowing through the trees.

As it got light, the group saw plenty of turkeys; the birds were even closer to the hunters than they’d been during previous scouting trips. Hunter started calling, but the birds were suspicious and fled in a different direction.
The group decided to move farther into the trees. As they did, they found even more turkeys; toms were gobbling and hens were active. Ducks from a neighboring pond even started quacking in response to the group’s calling efforts.

At this second location, toms would reply to the turkey calls, almost come within shooting range and then abandon the area.
The group finally decided to split up. Hunter stayed with Dylan in the current spot while Skyler and his father moved towards the gobbles, hoping to find a better place for a shot. After setting up in five different spots, Skyler and his father finally got a clear view of the birds. Skyler executed a perfect shot, and harvested the tom they were pursuing. He was thrilled.

Heather Talley, regional wildlife recreation coordinator for the DWR, thanks Hunter and SFW for making the guided hunt possible. “And, Skyler,” she says, “congratulations on taking your first turkey!”


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