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Having Continual Fun

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Most of you know what we fish for and we're having lots of FUN with others...had to pull out past proven tactics/techniques with the water level so low. Here's just a few pics

Working an area a mystery fish smacked the lure several times during the retreive then on for about 5 seconds third time...line slacked lure came back with a Souvenir for the Tooth Fairy.


[attachment=3:1y0v65wr]42 Release.jpg[/attachment:1y0v65wr]

[attachment=2:1y0v65wr]43 5.jpg[/attachment:1y0v65wr]

[attachment=1:1y0v65wr]44 5 Release.jpg[/attachment:1y0v65wr]

[attachment=0:1y0v65wr]45 Thick.jpg[/attachment:1y0v65wr]

;) ;)


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Looks like the summer is treating you well.
Very impressive fish.
Thanks for sharing.
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