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Hi. I drew the late rifle deer here this year 2022. Any additional info? Lessons learned?
I've learned many a lesson since those days. I think the biggest lesson is the closer the animal is to the road the better it tastes.

Install one of the land map apps like onx or basemap. Be respectful of the private land. But there is still plenty of public land to explore. And there is deer a lot of the places on the hunt. Take time to visit Jones hole fish hatchery and the suspension bridge at browns Park. Both are great lunch time activities. I would focus on north of the road going to Jones hole and on the east side of hunt area and maybe spend some time on the "rim" road.

Good luck and let us know how it went.

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The late hunt can be a very cold hunt. The last time that I was out there was during the general hunt clear back in 1984. We were fishing in Crouse Reservoir and there was about 20' of ice off of the shore. The fish that we caught were frozen solid by the time that we got them to shore. We did find deer but they were on the private which wasn't a problem back then but now they are quite particular on who is on their land now days.

As was mentioned get OnX and pay attention to where you are hunting.
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