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Henry's fork/burnt fork

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Well I guess everyone is bound to make this mistake at least once in their hunting lives. While looking over maps and such before applying for antlerless hunts we were getting down to our third choice and my dad thought he used to hunt this area and it has turned out he mistoke it for another area. So my father little brother and myself all have antlerless elk tags for the north slope Henry's fork-burnt fork area. We haven't had time to make our way down there yet this year with work schedules and other hunts. Me and my dad leave for Montana for a deer hunt in about a month so we aren't going to have a ton of time to go learn the area. We are trying to get a good gps with the Utah hunt maps thing on it so we can know property a little better but we really have no idea what to expect. Any advice/ knowledge of the area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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There's plenty of elk on that unit. Even with the number that cross over into wyoming once the rifle hunt starts, there's still quite a few that hang around in there. Look for any of the smaller openings and meadows that require a little work to get to, and you'll probably find them lurking in the dark timber around it. If you get a little snow it makes it a whole lot easier to find them, because visibility in the dark timber is pretty limited. I've had plenty of times I've been able to smell them before I saw them there.
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It has been so hot they are mostly still up high.
what are the dates on that cow permit? I seem to remember 2 sets of dates in november and january?
The dates are dec 1 to jab 31 is what my dad thinks. Is there much private? Thanks everyone!
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