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hobble creek

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Ok so we have some cow and spike tags and we are going yp to hobble creek and 6th water area to hunt but have never really hunted this area before so we dont really know where the elk are so if any one knows or could give us some pointers in where to look that would be much appriciated.
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Last I heard the elk were in the mountains. Could have changed since then though. In all seriousness though I wish I could help. Find the thickest nastiest stuff you would never want to pull an elk out of and start there.
'Some pointers'

1) 6th water access is better from Diamond Fork.

2) Clay road in 6th water gets REALLY bad when it's wet.

3) Elk herd in that area is WAAAAAY down from years past.

Good luck and post a report...;)..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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